Have you been online night and day searching for the top PayPal competitors for your payment processing needs? Do you continue to use PayPal as your only online payment method due to limited access to PayPal competitors? Many people are taking an alternative approach to utilizing payment online processors other than PayPal. Rather than continuing to provide PayPal business, become familiar with some of PayPal’s best substitute online payment processing offers.

PayPal may be convenient for your online payment purchases, sales and transactions now, but all that can take a left turn when PayPal decides to red flag your account. Once your account has been red flagged by PayPal, it is almost impossible to even access your online PayPal account or even your funds.

Merchant Account

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur and you sale products and services online it’s inevitable that you have a back-up because you never know when PayPal may become suspicious of your account and decide to freeze your account (no matter what the amount). Some been unfortunate, having their accounts frozen with thousands of dollars that they couldn’t access until the “lift” is lifted and that can take up to 6 entire months. This can be very appalling and dreadful if this happens and something that you should consider strongly avoiding.

Below we have compiled the top 25 supreme PayPal competitors for your online payment processing needs. Check out companies like Dwolla, Intuit Payment Network, and Google Wallet, which are some of PayPal’s top competitors. If you are looking to simply replace PayPal or just have aback up (example, for eBay) you now have choices to choose from. You should decide which PayPal competitors work best for you by taking a look at the fee’s and policy’s we have set for you below. PayPal is no longer your only source for online payment processing. Pick which alternatives works better for you or for your business and give it a try!

Check Out The Top Main 25 PayPal Competitors Below

Intuit QuickBooks

QuickBooks is practically a crucial service if you’re a small business proprietor who needs help with your funds. Besides having the ability to approve settlements, both online as well as in-person with GoPayment, Intuit could also assist you with paying employees, compute pay-roll taxes, as well as data pay-roll tax forms. Try 30 days free. No credit card required.

Intuit QuickBooks

Get started with Intuit Online Payroll Software. We make running payroll simple so you can focus on what you love.

The makers of Quick-books, Turbo-tax and Quicken bring you a great new online payment solution at a small cost when doing bank payments.

IPN only charges a flat .50 cent fee for all ACH transactions.

Bank payments-$.50 cents
Credit Card Payments-$3.25% (Turn this option off or on)

Dwolla started in 2008 and is considered the best way to move money. it is a u.s based e-commerce company.  it’s just a measly .25 cents per transaction or its free for transactions $10 or less. there are no hidden fees or percentages. Dwolla has been featured in the New York Times, CNN Money, and INC.

Google Wallet is a great alternative to PayPal fees

Google Wallet was once Google’s Check out. And also while the name has actually transformed, the attributes have actually continued to be undamaged. It’s protected, basic and has fast transfers to and from your checking account. It likewise has similar functions to PayPal, such as bank card processing and the ability to send billings.


Skrill, previously Moneybookers, has some fascinating functions such as a reduced costs, and also the capacity to send out text messages directly from your account. Besides being a well-liked as well as easy alternative to PayPal, the solution is wonderful for international merchants.


Stripe another mobile payment or web device payment integration that allows you to sale to customers your services or products and accept easy and quick check out payment options.

You can customize email receipts (using colors in header or your very own logo) and also integrate receipt send for every payment accepted.

Fees: 2.4% + 20p Per successful charge. No monthly fees, No refund costs, No hidden fees. is a top payment processing company. They offer a free fast set up with cancellation fees. You can accept credit cards online, by phone or in person.

They provide you with a free terminal, free card reader and free smart phone apps.

Fees : low as 0.25%.

There is no contract, you just pay as you go. has been in business for over 19 years and has been considered the #1 credit card processor.


ProPay gives you fast access to your funds via a Prepaid MasterCard similar to PayPals Prepaid MasterCard. Processing fees depends on what account you sign up for. With the premium account you can accept credit cards in person, over the phone, or on your website. Rates start as low as 2.60% + $39.95 annually.

Fees: Platinum account is 2.40% + $69.95 annually.


PayMate is based out of Australia and started in 2006. Get paid in Australia and New Zealand. You can take payments via online, over the phone or through your mobile phone.

Fees: For Australian sellers it cost $16.50 per month plus 2.475% + 0.55 cents.

Fees: For small businesses it cost $33.00 per month + 1.925% + 0.55 cents.

For a Corporation it cost $165 per month + 1.65% + 0.55 cents.


Paydivvy easy to use, collect or send money buttons gives you easy access to pay someone, pay a bill, split a bill. You can also go social!

Tools are 100% free as well as payments using a bank account, using your Paydivvy balance, collecting money, fast withdrawals.

Fees: Premium Service rate of 3.5% with payments using a debit or credit card.


With PopMoney you can send, request and receive money with just about anyone online or through your mobile device. You can request money easily from friends, family or a business with just their email or mobile number. You can use it directly from your bank’s website.

Fees: Flat $0.95 per transaction.


( Formerly AlertPay) Payza is a global bank that does wire transactions in different currencies.

Fees apply to Payza e-wallet or credit card payments, loading and withdrawing money and foreign exchange.

Fees: Starter Account is Free. You pay no receiving fees on up to $400 USD or equivalent/month or $2,000 USD.Starter Account is Free. You pay no receiving fees on up to $400 USD or equivalent/month or $2,000 USD.
Personal and Business account 2.50 % + $0.25 USD


Just dont accept payments online accept payments offline to! Square is one of the first to offer mobile payments anywhere you are located via your smartphone, tablet or laptop with the square card reader that plugs into any of those devices. Link your bank account to square and get paid instantly.

Fees: Square charges a 2.75% per swipe.


Braintree makes it easy to accept payments online. There is no fees for your first $50,000 in transactions. Braintree makes it easy to accept payments from your mobile phone or on your website. To sign up you must be a business and have a business checking account not personal. Great company for your business payment processing needs.

 Fees: They charge a 2.9% plus .30 cents per transaction.


WorldPay was formerly Streamline. They Have Been in business since 1989.  WorldPay is a global  payment processing company.  If you accept credit cards with world pay they guarantee low processing rates for 3 years. World Pay accepts mobile wallets , apple pay, and contact list payments. provides payment services for mail order and Internet retailers, as well as point of sale transactions.

Fees: Starting as low as 0.99% with $0.20 per item fee.


PayLane is a payment gateway for electronic payment services founded in Poland. PayLane Provides credit card processing and other payment methods.

Fees: 2.8% + 0.25 EUR per transaction


Paysera is the faster way to send and receive money all over the world, exchange currency, and collect payments online and by SMS messages.

Fees: Paysera has many different pricing, but mainly it’s 2.5% for credit card transactions and 1.0% for bank link services.


Wirecard is based in Germany is a great payment solution for any business.
They have been in business for more than 15 years and is a trusted payment solution.

Fees: $1.30 for funds transfers from your bank account, credit card, or debit card.  3.0% fee for credit card deposits.

1.99% for debit card deposits.

65¢ every time you send money to another wirecard account.

$1.30 to send it to a bank account.

There is a 1.5% fee for currency conversion.


Nochex is a U.K leader in the online payment processing world. You can send and receive money online with Nochex. There is no monthly or annual charge and no set up charges.  For a simple personal account, you can pay for online purchases, send and receive cash from family and friends or businesses.

Fees: 3.2% Plus 20P per transaction.


Click2Sell is great for businesses and entrepreneurs. It has been around for over 20 years. This company helps you gain prospects and increase sells. You simply add your contacts to their software and respond to your prospects with one click.

 Fees: It’s a $149 per year for a single user. For big businesses and corporations you must contact them first to get rates and fees.

ClickBank is really not a bank, but you can sell your digital products with Click Bank. You can become an affiliate and sell other peoples digital products and services and get paid.

Fees: $2.50 pay period processing for every payment click bank issues.

For every sell ClickBank charges  a $1.00 transaction fee plus a percentage.

for vendors who want to sell products through click bank. click bank charges a $49.95 activation fee.


Venmo offers a fun and easy way to receive and send money online. Sending money on Venmo is completely free as long as you use a bank account, supported debit card, or Venmo balance to fund your payments. To receive money is always free. Pay your friends or family instantly via phone, email, or Facebook.

Fees: To pay by credit card is a 3% fee.